WORLD COSMOS is a fully integrated broad-based Entertainment and Enterprise group that aims to be a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses. The group currently comprises Four brands which are World Cosmos Entertainment, World Cosmos Advertising and World Cosmos Events group and My Storo ads, an influencer marketing agency.

WORLD COSMOS ENTERTAINMENT creates Motion pictures, short form content, television programs, documentaries and other entertainment content. If you or your company are looking for a creative and affordable Nairobi based video production company, please contact World Cosmos to receive a free quote.
WORLD COSMOS ADVERTISING provides full frame advertising services to brands across Kenya and East Africa at large. WC. Advertising creates content in video, photo and audio formats aimed at promoting brands. Our goal is to provide clients with beyond satisfactory marketing and advertising content and help them reach the success they desire through creative advertising and marketing.
WORLD COSMOS EVENTS produces documentaries, videos and photographs for events as a way of capturing moments, from corporate events like Product Launches to private events like Weddings and theme parties for both individual and brands. We make videos customized to your needs that better show people what you and or your company are making happen. Event coverage is a great way to promote your brand or document milestones and World Cosmos does it all for you.
We strategize and build high performing influencer marketing strategies and campaigns for top brands to engage with their target audiences on YouTube, blogs, Instagram, and emerging social media channels. Our branded and sponsored content drive brand awareness, brand engagement, generate new leads and product sales. We handle it all, from creative concept to campaign realization to measuring the results, we make sure it’s done properly.

From corporate to private, we can handle it all

If you're looking for someone to handle photography and video services at your corporate or private event i.e wedding, your search is over. The experts at WORLD COSMOS will make sure your big day is one for the memory books. We value and Understand how important your special Event is. You can rest assured that our video techs are trained how to capture your day without being intrusive. Experience your special day all over again by allowing us to interpret it into a video you can cherish. Affordable packages await you and we are excited to work with you.


Despite Kenyan broadcasters having required to air 60% of local content, close the low standards of Kenyan content has been brought about by several factors among them is failure of Kenyan broadcasters to support growth of the local industry. Close none have made efforts to reach the target. Most local broadcasters are at the forefront airing content from Nigeria, Tanzania, Philippines, Mexico, India, US, South Africa (not in order) leaving out Kenyan content as a result our content gets close to no exposure leaving artists, makers out to dry. The government on the other hand much as it has put in some efforts to promote the local industry like the 60% local content rule is not doing enough to enforce the rule. Bodies like Kenya film classification board are time and again making growth of the industry by coming up with policies that curb rather than nature or promote the local industry which is what the industry needs. The low standards of Kenyan content has been brought about by several factors among them is failure of Kenyan broadcasters to support growth of the local industry. Having more of foreign content on our screens makes it very difficult even for the audience to appreciate local content because of constant exposure to foreign material. Developed industries, like Nollywood have their content put ahead of outside content from music to films. Nigerian TV besides news have specialized stations in the English Afro-Films, Yoruba films, Hausa.. Among others. Kenya has over 50 TV stations which do close to nothing