The African movie biz is selling like hotcakes right now. It has grown rapidly over the last two decades and as a result, has become the second largest film industry in the world.

Given the current growth rate of the African film market, it clearly shows the potential of becoming a multi-billion dollar market in less than three decades. The industry is currently the second largest employer in Nigeria.

The African film market is vast and has proven to have a worldwide appeal. The demand is increasing every day and the lucrative potential of this market is amazing.

Therefore as young creatives, it is up to us –the youth- to spearhead the growth of this industry instead of being armchair critics and awaiting government incentives.

Growing in a continuously autonomous world where machines gradually replace people in certain jobs, the creative industry, be it art, dance, music, film, is the only sector that allows humanistic manipulation alone. Once young African creatives understand this, we will not only be able to immortalize our culture but we will be able to retain the aspect that makes us all human.